Zenith 6-Band transistor: “The Continental”
Unusual JAPAN-made Zenith radio--Good looks, fine quality!
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This item shown with nice big still pictures (below). But there's no video for this item, sorry.

This rare Zenith multi-band radio is baby brother to the Trans-Oceanic series. Like the transoceanics, it runs on AC or battery, has a dial light and squelch control, a collapsible handle, and is a heavy and extremely well-built radio. Where was this made? On the back it says Zenith-Japan. I've seen scores of Zenith models made in the US and in Hong Kong, but I don't think I've ever seen one made in Japan.

The radio measures 12 inches wide and 8-1/2 inches tall with the handle down. It weighs 5 1/2 pounds (without batteries). The bands are indicated as: AM Broadcast Band, FM Broadcast Band, Public Service Band 1 (VHF Hi), Public Service Band 2 (VHF Lo), Public Service Band 3 (UHF), and Aircraft Control Band

It's in EXCELLENT condition with just a couple of minor dings in the grille and a couple of areas where the chrome is worn from the plastic trim (some trim is metal, some is plastic). No cracks or chips of any kind. Works great on all bands with excellent volume and tone.

The shorter of the two antennas is labeled UHF. The longer antenna is labeled FM, VHF. These antennas ARE correct; the one is supposed to be shorter than the other. I've never seen this before on a transistor radio. Earphone/Tape Out jack on the side. Normal tuning is done with the larger dial; the inner dial is fine tuning. What a beautifully made radio!

Sticker on the bottom identifies this as a model RE94Y. The radio uses four D-cell batteries. The AC cord is included in the battery compartment, as well as the original earphone, which appears never to have been unwrapped. Battery contacts are fairly clean and give no trouble. I would have expected the word "volume" to appear above the volume knob next to Squelch but there isn't a trace of it. I suspect it has worn off, but it is so clean it looks as if it was never there. And maybe it wasn't, for all I know!

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